Donate Food

Hands For Hunger ensures that your food donation will be handled safely. Our refrigerated trucks are on the road everyday of the week offering fast, reliable pick-up service, collecting food from donors and individuals, and delivering that food within 24 hours to partnering agency kitchens.

1 lb. of Food = 1 Meal


Fresh, perishable food such as: produce, meat, dairy, bread, seafood, frozen food, and beverages are all gratefully accepted provided food has been maintained in safe temperature zones before donation.


High need shelf-stable items and canned goods include: soup, canned fruit and vegetables, tuna, grits, oats, pasta, rice, peanut butter, jam, evaporated milk, and water. All items should be donated before expiration.


Donating surplus food to Hands For Hunger could save your company thousands of dollars through reducing waste disposal, as well as helping to save the environment from unnecessary landfill. You’ll pay no waste management costs and no pick-up or delivery costs.

As a socially responsible food donor, you will boost staff morale and raise your company profile. We recognize the support of our donors in a number of ways including: in-store signage, website listing, and written recognition within media publications.

In addition, you are not liable for any risk associated with your food donation, under the protection of the The Good Samaritan Law of 2010.

Become a food donor.