We are a young, energetic, and fast-growing organization with big plans and lot of ideas. Our environment is casual, flexible, and heavily team based. At the same time, we are a non-profit organization with an important mission and very important responsibilities to the members of our community, which we take very seriously.

We are looking for someone who is first and foremost, committed to making a difference, full of passion and integrity, and secondly, someone who is able to bring value to the team, competent and eager to learn in the areas where he or she might not already be experts in.


Please send your résumé and cover letter via:

F: (242) 327-1680

Hands For Hunger
New Providence Community Centre
Blake Road
P.O. Box CB-13290
Nassau, Bahamas

*Qualified candidates will be contacted by phone and/or email.


There are no current vacancies.