Food Rescue

Each day our team sets out to pick up fresh, high-quality food that would otherwise go to waste.

Our donors include: distributors, restaurants, hotels, and farms. Hands For Hunger transports this food within hours to those who need it most- community centres, shelters, churches, and soup kitchens throughout New Providence.

Our Recipient Outreach Agencies provide food to hungry children, seniors on fixed income, women seeking refuge from domestic abuse, the homeless, the disabled, psychiatric patients, and many who cannot provide for themselves.

Unlike our food storage program, food rescue focuses mainly on perishable products: prepared foods, fruits, vegetables, bread, milk, meats, and frozen foods. We provide our food donors with disposable aluminum pans, plastic tupperware and tubs, food-safe bags, and food labels to ensure best practices in food handling.

Become a food donor.

All food donors are protected by the Good Samaritan Law of 2010, which protects donors from liability in the rare event of foodborne illness.