New Song Supports The Fight Against Hunger

BAHAMIAN musician Ordain Moss is proving that there is more than one way to give back. The soulful singer released a new single that aids the cause of fighting hunger in the Bahamas.

Ordain, who is a volunteer at Hands For Hunger organisation, released the “Let’s Put Our Love To Work” single on April 8.

She wrote and recorded the song as part of a campaign to raise financial support for the organisation which is committed to the elimination of unnecessary hunger and the reduction of food waste in the country.

Hands For Hunger has provided over 600,000 meals to residents of New Providence who face chronic hunger and food insecurity. Hands For Hunger achieves this through their Food Rescue programme that currently serves 13 recipient outreach agencies who in turn provide 9,500 meals per week to Bahamians seeking emergency food assistance.

“My organisation of choice is Hands For Hunger; their cause hits home, their people are compassionate, and their efforts are mind blowing. To go further, I believe that hunger is where help starts. A hungry stomach cannot reason, learn or listen. So if we are looking to change our nation, my place to start will be with hunger,” said Ordain told In Ya Ear.

“The inspiration behind this song is simply me searching for my way to give back. I believe if everyone found a way to give back consistently to an organisation that is important to them, our country can be transformed. If this were to happen and we were to take a bird’s-eye view, we would see a country working and growing together as one.”

Ordain utilises the online fundraising platform to push the campaign and garner support from individuals all around the world. There are also photos, videos and information on sponsorship available.

Contributions for this project begin at $2 and Ordain emphasised that every dollar counts. The small amount of money can provide two meals for someone in need of food through the Hands For Hunger.

Everyone that contributes will receive an MP3 copy of the “Let Us Put Our Love To Work” single as well as additional benefits for larger funding amounts.

“I want the song to help increase awareness of just how large the issue of hunger and malnutrition is in our country. I also hope to raise money for Hands For Hunger through song sales. I want people to know that help can come in many forms and sizes. In this case, help can come through the cost of one song. Hands for Hunger informed me that $1 is the equivalent of one meal for a family member in need. Therefore, I plan to give 100 per cent of the song sales to Hands For Hunger,” she said.

Additionally, “Let’s Put Our Love To Work”, is also available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon.

“I not only want the song to have an impact, I want the movement behind the song to touch our people. I want us all to realize that the people in need are not strangers or outsiders, they are our family. After all, we are a country of a mere 300,000. I hope to increase awareness of the hunger issues in our country, and motivate everyone to put their love to work,” she said.

Apart from the campaign, Ordain is working on a unreleased single, “O”, that will be featured in the film “What Lies Beyond”, written and produced by Bahamian filmmaker Jarrod Knowles of JAK Vision.

The movie is set to premiere on April 10 in the AMC 24 Theatre in Miami, Florida.
“I am excited to attend what I believe to be history in the making,” she said.


Tribune Features Writer